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Below you’ll find some common questions we regularly answer for our customers and potential customers. If you don’t see your specific question answered below, then please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Micron Surface Innovation directly. We’re here to answer all your questions and provided the highest level of customer service.

Click here for our CONTACT page or complete the Contact Form on any page of our website. We also encourage you contact us directly by emailing info@msi-pdx.com or by calling 503-465-0121.

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Can Micron Surface Innovations handle jobs larger than 100,000 units or pieces?

Absolutely. Industrial volume for laser engraving, marking and cutting is our specialty. For a specific quote about project or to discuss your needs give us a call 503-465-0121 or complete the Contact Form below. You may also email MSI at info@msi-pdx.com.

Does Micron Surface Innovations handle smaller jobs?

We do. We’re able to do custom engraving, marking and cutting. Micron Surface Innovations can also create prototypes.

What kind of graphics can be laser marked?

The list is quite extensive given the sophistication of the Fusion M2 32 system. MSI is able to engrave characters, words, letters, AutoCAD files, pictures and images from digital files like JPEGs, PNGs, bitmaps, logos and more. For laser cutting, a vector or .eps file is required.

Does Micron Surface Innovations cut metal?

It might sound surprising, but no. Marking and engraving metal is one of our primary services, but metals cannot be cut by the laser. We encourage you to call us directly at 503-465-0121 with any questions you may have about materials.

What materials cannot be marked, engraved or cut by laser?

While our laser can mark, engrave and cut a multitude of materials, there are some that are not suitable for laser services.

  • Any material containing Hydrogen Chloride or Vinyl Chloride, typically these are man-made materials such as neoprene, vinyl, Kydex or PVC
  • Self healing plastics that melt into the cut such as polypropylene or polyethylene
  • Lexan (and other polycarbonates)

There are some materials that can be marked, etched or engraved that cannot be cut by our laser. Glass is one example of a markable material that cannot be cut. Ceramic, tile and marble are similar examples. Again, call MSI direct at 503-465-0121 to discuss.

Does Micron Surface Innovations ship outside of the United States?

While most of our customers are within the continental United States, ​we do ship to customers in Alaska and Hawaii. We also can ship to international customers who place orders with Micron Surface Innovations.

Is laser marking, engraving and cutting expensive?

Not at all. As technology advances it typically becomes more affordable. This applies to laser machinery. The Fusion M2 32 is a fully automated and top of the line laser system. This makes it more efficient and faster older or more traditional methods of engraving and cutting materials.

What forms of payment does Micron Surface Innovations accept?

For your convenience, Micron Surface Innovations accepts most major credit cards, cash along with business and cashier’s checks.